Personality Quiz: Which Character From The LEGO Movie Are You?

Everyone loves The LEGO Movie, but do you know which of its characters is most like you?

Which of these LEGO Movie characters are you most like? From Emmet to Vitruvius, which character will you be?

What's your favourite colour?

You need to escape an enemy attack by building a vehicle! Quickly, what's the most important thing to think about while you build it?

If you could live anywhere - anywhere - where would it be?

What does the inside of your mind look like?

Which of these sounds like something you might say?

What would be your weapon of choice in a fight to save the world?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you had to sneak into the enemy headquarters without being seen, how would you do it?

What do your friends think is something you need to work on?

Which of these would say is your favourite food?

What's your favourite type of movie?

Finally, what would your friends say is the BEST thing about you?

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