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Which Clarence Character Are You?

So, are you just like Jeff? Pretty similar to Sumo? Or could you be Clarence himself? Find out who's most like you with this extra-cheerful cartoon quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  April 8th 2022

Are you a fan of the Cartoon Network show Clarence? That's an easy one - of course you are! The real question is… which character from the hit show is most like you? Is it the unbeatably cheerful Clarence? Jeff? Ms Baker? Or someone else?

You'll have to answer all 10 of these questions if you want to find out! Let's get started!

Clarence | Cartoon Network Studios | Netflix

Belson just said something mean. What do you do?


What do you want to be when you're older?

3/10 Fish finger sandwich

Pick a snack:


What's your favourite animal?

Clarence | Cartoon Network Studios | Netflix

Which of these describes you best?


Pick a colour:


Which of these things is the most annoying?


Oh no! You just dropped a biscuit on the floor! What do you do now?

9/10 A dog with some spilled paints

Pick a school subject:

Clarence | Cartoon Network Studios | Netflix

What's your special skill?

Clarence | Cartoon Network Studios | Netflix

You're Clarence!

You're the main character and all-round nice guy, Clarence Wendle! You always see the best in every situation and can turn something really boring into the best day ever! Your friends are probably the most important thing in your life, and you don't even really notice when Belson is mean to you! An excellent choice.

Clarence | Cartoon Network Studios | Netflix

You're Ms Baker!

You're Clarence's teacher at Aberdale Elementary, Ms Baker! You talk super fast and can sometimes lose control of her class, but you a caring and kind teacher who's popular with pretty much everyone. Except maybe Belson, sometimes!

You're Jeff!

You're one of Clarence's best friends, Jeff Randell! You're a bit of a square (the head is a hint) and you can be quite scared of things, but you always have a great time hanging out with Clarence and Sumo. Watch out, you do have a few embarrassing phobias, though..!

Clarence | Cartoon Network Studios | Netflix

You're Sumo!

You're Ryan Sumoski, or Sumo to his friends Clarence and Jeff! You're totally fearless and do things your own way, even if it gets you in trouble! Fun fact - you're also the only one of the main characters with ears - but that doesn't mean you listen to anyone!