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Which FIFA Team Should You Be Playing For?

With FIFA, you can choose from practically any team in the world. So which one should you play for? Take this quiz and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 27th 2022

Let's do this!

1/10 A Beano football shirt

Pick your favourite colours!

2/10 A map of the world

Which country would you prefer to play in?

3/10 A football manager clutching a ball

Which manager's style appeals to you the most?

4/10 A footballer with his boot resting on the ball

What position do you prefer to play?

5/10 A father and daughter enjoying the big match

Which football legend do you most admire?

6/10 A pair of muddy football boots

Which kind of boots would you wear?

7/10 A man dabbing in a football stadium

How would you celebrate a goal?

8/10 A person drawing tactics on a chalkboard

What's the best formation to use?


9/10 Which international side would you represent?

10/10 Football training

How hard would you train for your team?

FC Barcelona | Wikimedia Commons


You've been chosen to play for one of the world's most successful sides! 

Liverpool FC | Wikimedia Commons


You'll be the darling of Merseyside with your silky skills!

Kilmarnock FC | Wikimedia Commons

You are: Kilmarnock!

Mon the Killie! Are those squirrels on the club's crest? Cool!

LA Galaxy
LA Galaxy | Wikimedia Commons

You are: L.A. GALAXY!

You've been chosen to represent one of the biggest clubs in the USA. Nice work!