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Which NFL Player Am I?

Which of the biggest NFL players is most like you? Find out with this football-tastic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Pick a US state:

juliojones11 | instagram

Pick a nickname:


Are you the GOAT? (That's the Greatest Of All Time, obviously)

tombrady | instagram

What are you eating for dinner tonight?

NFL | twitter

Pick a team:


Pick a quote:ย 

cj_wentz11 | instagram

What do you like doing for fun?

ab | Instagram

Which of these descriptions is most like you?

juliojones11 | Instagram

What's more important to you?

ottawa redbacks

How do you celebrate a touchdown?

tombrady | instagram

You're Tom Brady!

You're the legendary quarterback for the New England Patriots! You've won an incredible six Super Bowls - more than anyone else in NFL history! You're mega competitive and strict on yourself, and you never eat junk food, EVER. Sound like you?

ab | instagram

You're Antonio Brown!

You're the world-famous wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders, probably the best receiver in the NFL today. You're hard-working and disciplined but you still know how to have fun, and you have lots of famous friends who you hang out with at the weekends.

cj_wentz11 | instagram

You're Carson Wentz!

You're the hugely successful quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. You're at the peak of your game and have hundreds of thousands of fans. You also love hanging out with your family and spending time outdoors.

juliojones11 | instagram

Julio Jones

You're a talented and powerful wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. Life wasn't easy for you growing up so you've had to work hard for where you are now. You know how to have fun but you don't like to show off, and prefer a bit of privacy when you can get it.