Prankster Poll: How Do You Match Up?

Which Of These Pranks Have YOU Pulled? Answer these Poll questions to see how you compare!

Do you pull pranks like a pro? Can you jest with the best?

Answer these questions and see how you stack up against your fellow prankster pals!

How many water pistols do you have?

Water Pistols

Have you ever used a whoopee cushion on someone?

Which of these water pranks is your favourite?

Water pranks galore

Do you own an electronic fart machine?

What's the best way to make the perfect parp?

the perfect parp?

What's the funniest place for a prank?

Have you ever made your own stinkbomb?

Home made mega stinkbomb

You sound like a pretty Epic prankster!

But are you as much of a menace as Dennis? Try taking this quiz to find out!

Blam to the Max!
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