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Which Pokémon Trainer Are You? Quiz

Ash? Misty? Brock? Find out which Pokémon trainer is most like you with this Poké-riffic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Find the answer to the question "what Pokémon trainer am I" with this epic Pokémon trainer quiz! On your marks... aaand... Go!


Pick a type of Pokemon:

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Where would you rather live?


What would you rather wear to school?

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What do you want to be more than anything?


Who's your favourite Pokemon?


What colour is your hair?


Pick a colour:

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What's more important to you as a trainer?

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What's your biggest weakness?

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Pick a quote:

You're Ash!

You're Ash Ketchum, the most famous Pokémon trainer. You dream of becoming a Pokémon Master, and travel the world looking for rare and powerful Pokémon with your best friend Pikachu!

You're Brock!

You're one of Ash's best friends and a skilled Pokémon trainer. You used to be a gym leader, and are always working to improve your Pokemon breeding skills. Rock type Pokémon are your favourite.

You're Misty!

You traveled with Ash and Brock all over the world hunting for new Pokémon. You're the world's best trainer of water-type Pokémon, and run your family's Pokemon gym in Cerulean city.

You're Team Rocket!

You're the evil team Rocket, whose sole purpose in life is to breed, capture and use Pokémon for profit. Your ultimate goal is world domination, and your Meowth Pokémon often helps. Thankfully, the other trainers usually stop you before you succeed!