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Which Uchiha Are You?

Which member of the clan are you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 9th 2022
1/8 Japanese Food

Choose a Japanese food

2/8 Sea Aneome with face

Choose a sea creature

3/8 Smiling woman outside with smiley

What's your best quality?

4/8 Sad woman on grey background with smiley

And your worst quality?

5/8 Puzzled woman on white background

If you had to pick, would you rather...

6/8 Bee keeper with stickers

Choose a weird career

7/8 Man with tongue out on grey background

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?ย 

8/8 Dog on yellow background with stickers

Pick a type of dog

Sakura result thumbnail
Naruto | Cartoon Network | Pierrot


You're Sakura! You're clever, compassionate and caring. You can have a bit of a temper but you really care about your loved ones, even if you seem a bit irritated!ย 

Fugaku result thumbnail
Naruto | Cartoon Network | Pierrot


You're Fugaku! You have a natural sense of leadership and like to take care of others. You feel very responsible and sometimes that can make you seem a bit serious!

Madara result thumbnail
Naruto | Cartoon Network | Pierrot


You're Madara! You're ambitious if a little aggressive, but you love your clan more than anything else!

Itachi result thumbnail
Naruto | Cartoon Network | Pierrot


You're Itachi! You're calm, collected and cool. You don't broadcast your emotions to the world, but the people you love always know what you're thinking!