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Which Wilbur Soot Song Are You?

Did you know that the world’s most googled term is “Which Wilbur Soot Song Am I?” In case you didn’t know him, Wilbur Soot is a master of taking the technological tribulations of modern life and turning them into hilarious, 4 minute, poptastic singalongs that should really be topping the charts.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2022

Wilbur Soot is definitely in our exclusive list of top YouTubers of all time. His wry and edgy humour is just what we need when we need a top-up of internet-based lols. So, which one of his songs are you? Also featuring in that all important list is Joe Suggs - check out YouTube Superstar Joe Sugg’s Plans for Beano – Revealed! and the Hype House quiz Which Hype House Boy Are You? Don’t forget to check out our awesome TikTok dancer Joey B in our Joe Biden Quiz!

1/10 Two people laughing

What’s your favourite thing Wilbur Soot does?

@WilburSoot | Youtube

What will you do when you you’re 26?

3/10 A suspicious turkey

What’s your favourite part of a Christmas Turkey


How’s life?


5/10 What’s your favourite rodent?

@WilburSoot | Youtube

What would you put in your mug?

@WilburSoot | Youtube

Have you met Jared?

@WilburSoot | Youtube

What floor would you like?


9/10 What’s your favourite colour?


Favourite Musical Instrument

@WilburSoot | Youtube

I’m in Love with an E-girl

Our team of Wilbur Soot research scientists analysed your choices and concluded that if you were a Wilbur Soot song you would be“I’m in Love with a E-Girl”

@WilburSoot | Youtube

Internet Ruined Me

We presented your answers to a wise old man who lives in a cave and he told us that if you were a Wilbur Soot song you would be “Internet Ruined Me”

@WilburSoot | Youtube

Your New Boyfriend

We inputted your answers into a super-computer housed at a secret military compound somewhere in the Omaha Desert. It says that, if you were a Wilbur Soot song you would be “Your New Boyfriend”