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Who Is My YouTube Sister Quiz? The Sibling Selector!

Find out which YouTuber is perfectly suited to being your sister. Find out with our Who is My YouTube Sister Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 7th 2022

Ever wondered which YouTuber is best suited to be your REAL LIFE sister? Would you fit in with the Norris’ or maybe a Moriah Elizabeth is the big sister of your dreams (imagine getting access to all that crafting stuff!) YouTube is packed with cool girls just being themselves and this is your chance to claim one to be your official YouTube sister!


What did you REALLY spend half term holidays doing?


What do want most of all?

3/10 Santa Jokes

Pick a present from Santa’s sack…


Where would you like to live?

Frida Kahlo

Pick an inspirational woman from history…


Pick your favourite book…


What colour trainers are you buying?


Pick any word…


Which snack would you like your sister to bring to you, please?


Your sister wants to hang out. What do you suggest doing?

Moriah Elizabeth!

Looking for a big sister who’s always ready for crafting? Moriah Elizabeth is the girl for you. She’d always be willing to hang out in your room and not just because she’s got a crafty eye on your squishie collection. Loads of felt tips? Check. Always smiling? Check? Perfect Sister? DOUBLE CHECK!

@NorrisNuts | YouTube

Sockie Norris

Looking for a sister who’s always ready for adventure? Sockie Norris is the girl for you. Whether it’s surfing, skating or shopping she’d be on hand to hang out and have some not-so-serious fun! Plus she gets sent loads of merch too and would probably let you have some. Bonus!

@KarinaOMG | YouTube


Life’s simplest pleasure is goggling at a screen, but it’s more fun with a sister. If your looking for a sister to play Minecraft with then KarinaOMG is the perfect option!

Charli D’Amelio

Imagine Charli as your sister! She’d definitely take you to the mall and while she was recording cool videos with her friends you could sit and watch whilst slurping away at the bubble tea she bought you. Maybe she’d even let you be in one of the videos. Stardom beckons for people with Sisters in high places!