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Who Would be with Usain Bolt in the Ultimate Fantasy Football Team!

The world's fastest man might become the world's fastest footballer. Who else would be on the ultimate super-powered team?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 17th 2017

Find out who's up front!

Now he's retired from running, Usain Bolt may go into football with Burton Albion. He could definitely outrun anyone as a forward! 

Swift attack!

Joining Usain, we have Taylor Swift. But what happens if she gets injured? Don't worry. She'll shake it off, shake it off!

Get some acro-back-up

Simone Biles would be able to do super-cool tricks to score goals

Rey to the rescue

Rey could use her Force powers to be unstoppable – who wouldn't want a Jedi on their team?

Meet the midfield

In the shadowy wings of the pitch, we have Batman, waiting to deal out some football justice

Ed gets a head-er

In a less shadowy wing, Ed Sheeran has made the team (but mostly rewrites his own songs: Ballway Girl, Castle on the Goal, and Dive-kick)

The last line of defence

Front and centre, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson heads up the defence. No one is getting past The Rock!


Defender of freedom

His right-hand man, Captain America, patiently waits with his vibranium shield - hey, it's just like a football boot for his hand, right? 

This unicorn can hoof it upfield!

What team wouldn't benefit from having this majestic beast in the line-up? Don't be surprised if they get a red card for bursting the ball with its horn.

Bat the ball away!

 Finally, Serena Williams with her record-breaking racket will be able to bat away any opponents!

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Guardians of the goal-axy!

Normal goalies can use their hands, but Groot could us roots and vines to knock away any attempt at scoring!

But what if we need to substitute someone?!

Just use some minions. There are LOADS!