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Whoโ€™s My Crush Quiz

So, who's your crush? Wait, don't tell us! Answer these questions and we'll work it out...honest!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 4th 2021

Answer these highly scientific questions and we'll tell you who you fancy, with 100% guaranteed results!*


1/12 Silhouette of some kind of long-eared animal

Which do you prefer?

2/12 An embarrassed woman

What would you do if you accidentally bumped into someone you fancy?

3/12 A llama with some bangers and mash

Pick a romantic meal:

4/12 A smiling bunch of roses

Would you rather take someone out on a date? Or be taken out for a date?

5/12 A shy bloke with a moustache

Your crush is...

6/12 Bacon Dad looks at a sandcastle

Pick a hobby:

7/12 A laughing thunderstorm

Which of these is most romantic?

8/12 A Jaguar in the jungle

Pick an animal:

9/12 A giant teddy bear

What do you think your crush would think of this giant teddy?

10/12 Greek God in space

Your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend is...

@overdrivereality | giphy

Which of these is more important?


You are:

Shybeard the Pirate!

Yarrr - he's not quite the scourge of the seven seas, but maybe he would be if he could pluck up the courage to do some actual Pirating. Yep, its the world's most embarrassed Pirate, Shybeard! rnrnYou have to be the one to ask him out, by the way - he's useless!

A balloon with a face drawn on it

Your crush is definitely the quiet type - which is surprising seeing as they're full of hot air!

The Aztec Goddess Chalchiuhtilicue!

Your crush is the all-powerful Aztec deity Chalchiuhtilicue! Goddess of water, floods and storms, Chalchiuhtilicue is as beautiful as she is destructive. rnrnSo, she might be a bit out of your league. No offence.

Your crush is...Yourself!

That's right - you don't need no man, woman, or anyone else! You're perfectly happy being you and a crush would just cramp your style!

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