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Why Mammoths Should Come Back

They were great - here's why!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:ย  November 3rd 2016

1. They were un-extinct-able...for a while!

Mammoths were thought to have gone extinct 10,000 years ago but recent studies show some were still in the Arctic for another 6,000 years!

2. Their tusks were amazing!

Their tusks grew a little bit every day and could end up five metres long! Just like people are either left- or right-handed, mammoths were either left- or right-tusked.

3. Their gnashers put ours to shame!

We only get two sets of teeth each over our lives but mammoths had an amazing six sets! They never developed toothbrushes though, so they were probably gross.

4. They made us cleverer!

Back when we were cave-people we hunted mammoths for meat and fur. It's thought that doing something as hard as killing a mammoth developed our communication skills.ย 

5. They were all sorts of colours!

We tend to think mammoths were just brown, but their hair colour was actually as varied as people's. There were once blonde Mammoths roaming the earth!