Why We Love Dodie

Dodie (a.k.a. Doddleoddle) is awesome! Here's why we think so...

She is a super talented musician...

Doddleoddle flute
Image by doddleoddle | Twitter

Like, it takes most people a lifetime to master playing the fork!

doddleoddle fork
Image by Tumblr

It’s great when her mates sing along too!

doddleoddle and friends
Image by Tumblr

She's a big fan of cats...

Media by doddleoddle | Instagram
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And Taylor Swift...

doddleoddle taylor swift
Image by doddleoddle | Twitter

And she’s an ace at dabbing too!


doddleoddle dab
Image by GIPHY

Her facial expressions defy the laws of physics!

doddleoddle face
Image by Tumblr

And even though she may look all cute and innocent sometimes…

doddleoddle cute
Image by doddleoddle | Twitter

…that doesn’t stop her making mischief when she’s out and about!


doddleoddle and Josh Starbucks straw fight
Image by Tumblr

She also loves the colour yellow!

dodie yellow
Image by doddleoddle | Youtube

Like, seriously LOVES the colour yellow!

dodie yellow!
Image by doddleoddle | Instagram

She’s basically a big ball of yellow!


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