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Why You Should Be Scared of Octopuses!

Here are 5 facts about why you should never trust these terrifying eight-armed molluscs!

1. Some can walk!

This octopus species has learned to walk on land – so nowhere is safe!

2. They can use tools!

They can use tools and make shelters – but you won’t see one on a building site!

3. They’re masters of escape!

An octopus stuck on a boat? No problem!Octopuses can squeeze through the smallest of gaps – even jars can’t hold them!

4. They hide really well!

Octopuses are great at hiding themselves – you never know where they could be lurkingThey must be fantastic at hide and seek!

5. They can FIGHT!

Sharks are pretty tough, right? Not compared to an octopusImagine eight of those tentacles coming at you? You’d swim a mile!