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Will You Get Super Flea?

Find out how to get your hands on the tiniest superhero in Gnasher’s fur!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

So you’ve read about Gnasher’s fleas, viewed evidence of them roaming around in the wild, learned some all-important care tips and even tested your knowledge of these tiny creatures in our trivia quizzes. Now you’re probably itching to get your hands on a collectible mystery flea pack! 

Help is at hand. 

If you wish to adopt one of Gnasher’s fleas, you won’t know which one you’ll be welcoming into your home as they come in a collectible blind bag. 

Gnasher’s Fleas

There are 15 types of flea available, from the totally heroic Super Flea, the robotic C-FLEA-PO, to the rare Menace flea and his tiny flea gang: Minnie, JJ, Rubi and Pieface.

Each flea will be sent at random so you’ll only know which one you have until you open the package when it comes through your door!

Each bag contains a flea trading card featuring all sorts of vital information, a flea tin which your new pet will live*, a certificate of adoption and a flea poster which can be used to keep tabs on your flea collection. Gotta scratch ‘em all!

Start your collection today! Pre-order now for pre-Christmas delivery: all orders dispatched 20th December.

Disclaimer: Flea will be too small to see. We take no responsibility for the feelings of itchiness, scratchy-ness and general flea-y mischief that this product may cause.