FIFA 19 Would You Rather

Do your choices match your mates? Find out what type of player you are by completing the FIFA 19 Would You Rather quiz


Would you rather wear Nike boots or Adidas boots on Fifa?


Would you rather have Ronaldo or Messi in your Ultimate team?


Would you rather win La Liga or the Premier league on Fifa?


Would you rather all the players on your team had 99 pace or 99 shooting ability?


Would you rather be the best football player in the world or the best FIFA player in the world?


Would you rather £1000 in real life or unlimited FIFA coins for the rest of your life?


Would you rather beat your friend 10-0 on FIFA or with a last minute undeserved winner that winds them up?


Would you rather win the Champions league with your club or win the World Cup with your country on FIFA?


Would you rather play in the snow or in the rain on FIFA?


Would you rather have to play all of your games on FIFA at Old Trafford or at the Emirates?

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