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Wow, This Guy Sure Loves Letting Bugs Crawl All Over Him!

This dude loves nothing more than covering himself in insects!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  May 17th 2017

This is Adrian Kozakiewicz. He's 20, lives in Germany and has a MASSIVE INSECT ON HIS FACE.

He quite frequently has massive insects on his face. He really loves insects.

He also likes covering his hands in insects. Sometimes lots of different ones...

YouTube | insecthaustv

And sometimes lots that are the same

YouTube | insecthaustv

Oh, and there's the occasional ENORMOUS SNAIL!

YouTube | insecthaustv

Lots of people would be grossed out by the bugs, but Adrian is a huge fan!

And some of them are beautiful!

Insects posing!

Look at these things, they're great!

Awesome insects rolled up into balls

Awesome work Adrian!