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10 Ghoulishly Good Zombie Facts

Are you obsessed with zombies? Here are some ghoulishly good zombie facts you may not know!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  March 14th 2022

Squad GHOULS! We all know zombies don't really exist - or do they?! Below are some pretty freaky zombie facts which you may not be aware of... so let nature run it's CORPSE and read on, if you dare!  

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1. People who like Zombies are called Zombophiles

That's the name for folk who are SLAM into their zombies. A deep fear of zombies however, is known as 'Kinemortophobia'. 


2. People were scared of zombies way back in Ancient Greece!

Archaeologists have found ancient graves which contained skeletons pinned down by rocks - assumedly to prevent the dead from coming back to life. The ancient Greeks may have invented democracy and the alarm clock - but they could still be prone to numptiness!


3. The 8th October is World Zombie Day

In some cities around the world, on the 8th October, people dress up like zombies and shuffle about to raise money for charity!


4. A human zombie outbreak is not IMPOSSIBLE...

A zombie apocalypse is not necessarily an impossibility... some scientists claim that because humans are susceptible to brain parasites, behavioural viruses such as Mad Cow Disease and neurotoxins - some of us one day if we're not careful could end up doing the proverbial monster mash (we hear it's a graveyard smash.) Though that would be very unlikely.


5. The first ever film to have a zombie in it was called 'White Zombie' made in 1932

Although some argue that Frankenstein (1931) was technically a zombie movie -  the film generally agreed to be the first official zombie flick was White Zombie, directed by Victor Halperin and starring Bela Lugosi as the zombie master named Murder Legendre. Spooky!


6. Although zombies are purely fiction - In the insect world zombies actually EXIST... sort of!

A fungus found in tropical rainforests known as Cordyceps releases spores into the air which infects the brains of ants... these 'zombie ants' then climb trees where they die. The fungus then sprouts THROUGH the dead bodies and releases further air spores to infect more ants! SUPER weird!


7. The original title for the game Plants vs Zombies was 'Lawn of The Dead'

A fun reference to the 1978 George Romero zombie classic Dawn of the Dead

Zombies | PopCap Games

8. In Scandinavian countries, zombies are called 'draugr'

According to legend, draugrs were warriors who were so fierce that after they died they would come back to life to carry on killing the living. As well as cutting off their heads, you had to burn their bodies and then take their ashes out to sea. Yikes!


9. There is debate about whether Frankenstein’s Monster was a zombie

Some people say the fact that the monster was a reanimated corpse means that he was a zombie. Others say the fact that he was never alive in the first place means that he wasn't a zombie. Zombies traditionally feast on human flesh which the monster does not. It's a whole thing. Zombie or not zombie? The debate rages on.


10. Even Scooby-Doo once battled with zombies!

In the 1998 film Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island the cowardly sandwich-loving mutt and his gang of friends are chased by hordes or zombies. Certainly enough to put you off your Scooby-Snacks!

Scooby Doo | Youtube | Warner Bros