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Last Updated: November 30th 2021

Guess the REAL and FAKE Scottish Towns!

Welcome to Scotland, Fàilte gu Alba, and Happy Saint Andrews day!

Check this game out, and try to have a guess at which towns are real and which towns are fake! Some names are places that we totally made up, and some of them are real. Maybe one of the towns is somewhere you’ve been, where your gran used to live, or maybe even where YOU live! There are a few difficulties to choose from – you can have a go at easy mode, which is twenty questions, medium mode, which is sixty, or if you’re feeling brave you can have a go at the hardest difficult, which has a hundred questions!

The game will give you a random list of towns every time you play – try it out on your friends and family, and see who can get the highest percentage of questions right! Are you Scottish enough to score 100%? Or will you show your inner sassenach and score closer to ZERO?

Tak a wee lookie at ‘iss ‘ere computer game, whar ye try’nava guess at which toons are real an which toons are fake! Sum ae they names we pure maed up, and sum o em are real, ken. Mebbe wan ae they toons is sumwhar yuv been, or where yer granny used tae bide, or mebbe even whar YOU stay! Ere’s a few difficulties tae choose fae, ye can av a go at e easy mode, fits twenty questions, or e medjium mode, fits sixty-odd, or if yer feeling aye brave ye can av a go at the hardest ain fits goat hunners in it.

It’ll gie yous a total random bit ae toons each time ye have a shot – gie’s a go wi’ yer pals and parents, an see who’aw can get the highest percent ae questions richt! Are you Scottish enough ta score hunners? Or wull ya show yer inner sassenach n get closer tae nil?

Goan’ an’ gie it a go!