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We want you and your child to have the best experience ever, so we’ve made a few promises that make this website awesome. Think of it as theSo Beano Manifesto. It’s framed on the office wall, so you know we’re serious

So kids

We wouldn’t be Beano if we weren’t a tad mischievous, but we’re not crazy. We know this is for kids. Everything on here has been either handmade or handpicked by a team of experts in children’s entertainment. To make sure they do a great job, we’re even paying them. Not in sweets. Actual money. Everything here is age appropriate.

So safe

You have our word our feed is a safe space for your kids to play. It’simpossible for users to message each other via our website. We respect your privacy. Of course we do, why wouldn’t we? We’re not snoops! We don’t collect data such as names, address or age without your say-so. We never share any of your personal information with anyone for marketing purposes.

So free

The site is free. All videos and games are free. We can’t stress this enough. OK we can. It’s all free.

Why? Hidden charges and in-game upgrades are No Beano. None of that here.

So fun

No one wants a kid that’s chained to a screen. They need to use their legs, hands, heart and mind. We’re always cooking up ways to inspire your kids to make and do stuff in the real world. Want proof? Check out our Makes videos. It’s like Blue Peter, only doesn’t feel like school and there’s no tortoise.*

*there might be a tortoise.

So much more

The Beano Comic

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The Beano Shop

There’s other stuff to buy too from our epic new range of products to timeless classics like Beano Monopoly. You can even get your hands on our Beano Annual. Have a nose around our shop and see if there’s anything you like. Trust us, there will be.