This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Beano, or if you need help, please contact us.


What’s new about Beano.com

Everything! The new Beano.com is now the ultimate feed of awesome, a place where you can watch epic videos, find out about film, sport & music funnies, make and draw stuff, play games, invent and of course discover new pranks! All of that plus Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie and all your favourite Beano characters in lots of new stories and cartoons!

Where can I get the new Beano?

You can access the new Beano online at Beano.com and we also have awesome channels on YouTube and Popjam. Just search for Beano.com

I don’t own a smartphone or tablet, can I still enjoy Beano stuff?

Yes! We are also available online via a normal browser at Beano.com. And of course you can enjoy the mischievous adventures of Dennis and friends weekly in The Beano Comic.

Can I buy Beano products?

If you love all things Beano, we have a range of new Beano products in the shop, some retro classics for parents and cool new stuff for kids. Just go to our Beano Shop.

What’s happened to the Beano Comic?

It’s now bolder and better looking than ever before! More jokes, bigger stories and every week, a reader becomes the Beano Boss and makes all the big decisions! You can subscribe to the comic and it is available weekly from your newsagent.

What about the Annual?

The latest annual is out now and it’s looking totally awesome! See it for yourself, buy it from the Beano Shop.

Using Beano.com

How do I access Beano.com?

Beano.com should work on any regular Operating System, on any computer, tablet or phone, with a modern browser.

Which browsers are supported?

The last two most recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Edge and Chrome.

I’ve made a drawing on Beano.com, who can see it and how do I save it?

Well done! Only you (and our Editors if you choose to submit your drawing to them) can see your drawing. If your drawing is So Beano, our Editors may choose to feature it. Very soon you will be able to save it to your own area. Watch this space.


Do you have advertising on Beano.com? Why?

Just as the Beano Comic has always been, we are partially funded by brands who want to offer their products and services to our audience. As always, and unlike many digital destinations, we handpick the advertisers to make sure kids only see the best and most appropriate things for them.

Will you collect information about me or my child?

We are truly committed to children’s online privacy issues and enabling a safe environment for them in the digital space, this is why we are a member of PRIVO’s COPPA Safe Harbor program.

We collect cookies to help us create a better service and to serve up better entertainment for kids. We do not use cookie tracking technologies for the purpose of online behavioural advertisements - see our cookie policy.

What is 3rd Party Content?

We have scoured the web to find the best videos, animated GIFs and other fun stuff from around the internet to gather together on beano.com and the editors are very careful about what they choose. However, this content is not made by The Beano, and those players or other embedded widgets may drop cookies (for more detail see our cookie policy).

Will anyone be able to chat or send information to other users on beano.com?

No, we’ve designed Beano.com to be totally safe for kids. It is an online destination that parents can trust and despite our mischievous heritage, it’s the one thing we are not having a laugh about. Everything is handpicked by our Editors, or handmade by our team, and we also have a team of moderators on hand. If despite all this you ever saw something a little dodgy, please let us know immediately by using our ‘Report’ links at the end of each article.

I’ve seen some Beano products on your website, does it mean my kid(s) can spend money in the Beano Shop?

Don’t worry, our shop operates like any other shop and you cannot buy anything unless you own a debit or credit card.

From time to time, we feature cool things in the Beano Comic and we do the same online.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions, you can find out more about Beano.com on the following pages:

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via our Contact Us page