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5 Apps like Colour Switch

Can't beat that high score yet? Try these instead!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 28th 2017

1. Jelly Jump

You are a jelly blob who has to jump away from a pool of black goo. It's easy to learn but it's also just as easy to lose. Remember, the key to winning is timing your jumps just rightAvailable now on iOS and Android

2. Rolling Sky

Dodge obstacles as you roll through some weird and wonderful worlds. This is addictive and fast-paced!Available now on iOS and Android

3. Twist

Jump from platform to platform as they appear and spin in front of you. If you keep getting stuck, just try to focus on the ball, as the moving world can get really confusing as it zooms past. Available now on iOS and Android

4. Fit in the Hole

Fit through the hole by making the right shape. You control one cube, that you have to position just right. If you get knocked off, it’s game over! Available now on iOS and Android

Fit in the Hole - Google Play

5. Stack

This game is easy to learn but hard to beat. Build a tower by stacking blocks, dropping them at the right time. We love how this game looks. Available now on iOS and Android