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February Quiz To Get You Ready For Spring

There's more to February than miserable weather and pancakes - test your knowledge of the second month of the year with this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 12th 2024

The days are getting longer - which means only one thing. It's quiz time! And we've got a doozy lined up for you, guaranteed to test your knowledge of the second month of the year. So shake out the cobwebs and test yourself with this epic monthly quiz!

1/10 February in the calendar

How many days are in February?

2/10 A dog sticking it's tongue out on a calendar

Why is there sometimes an extra day in February?

3/10 The pyramids

February was invented by... who?

4/10 A couple celebrating Valentines Day

What date is Valentines day?


Valentine's Day is named after... who?


February is... what?

7/10 An orange sunset

The shortest day of the year is in February. True or false?


In the USA, which of these things happens in February?

9/10 A Chinese new year gift

Some years, Chinese New Year happens in February. Which of these facts is NOT true about Chinese New Year?

10/10 A selection of pastries and cakes

Shrove Tuesday is also called... what?

Bah! Tough luck! Turns out February is a pretty tricky month! If you want to try and score a little higher, have another go! Or let's see if you can ace a different trivia quiz, we have loads of them!

Pretty good! You definitely know a few things about February! You didn't manage to get a hgh score, but you still did well. Do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can score a little higher!

Great! This is a really nice result! You clearly know loads about February, well done! You didn't manage a perfect score but that's ok - we have lots of other quizzes for you to try next!

Amazing! This is a perfect result! You got every single question right! You're a February expert! Now, you can't beat this result - but do you think you can match it on a different quiz? We have loads more for you to try!