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How Much Of A 2010s Kid Are You?

Ever wondered if you've got the knowledge to prove how much of a 2010s kid you are? Well you can find out here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2022

The 2010s were an amazing time to be alive, but only the real 2010s kids will get all of these questions right!

Do you know your fidget spinners from your slime, your e-scooters from your hoverboards? If you're a real 2010s kid, then this is the quiz for you. Check it out and test your knowledge!

Take a deep ol' breath and THREE, TWO, ONE, FORTNITE!!!


How many arms did the original fidget spinners have?

Fortnite | Epic Games

What year was Fortnite released?


Which craze took the world by storm in 2016?


What dance based on dental health came out in 2017?


What hi-tech gadget came out in 2013 and helped us all scoot around?

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Y.O.L.O stands for?


The iPad was released in 2010 but by what company?


What year were the London Olympics?

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How cool are Loom Bands?


What Royal couple were married in 2011?

Result: Well done

Well done!

Our super-advanced Beano computerised system thinks you about 80% 2010s kid. You really know your stuff, if you want to get 100% you can always try the quiz again!



You really know the difference between a fidget spinner and an iPad. Congratulations, you're very nearly top of the class! If you want to get 100% on our 2010s quiz, you can always have another go!

Result: Nailed it

You're a real 2010s kid!!

You know everything there is to know about the 2010s - its almost as if you you lived through it! Great work!

Result: Not quite

Not quite!

Did you even live through the 2010s? But don't worry, you can always re-do the quiz and start over! We won't tell anyone, promise.