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Iwaju Trivia Quiz - Can You Do It Alone?

Iwaju is probably the most interesting show to be released by Disney - but how well do you know it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 29th 2024

Of course, there is loads to know about any new show that comes out - so if you think that you’re a super fan, or even just a normal fan, then why not give this quiz a spin. See if you’ve got what it takes to call yourself the expert - it doesn’t come naturally! Let’s give it a whirl!


Where is Iwaju set?


What kind of animal is Otin?


If you got Lagos for question 1, well done! But which country is Lagos in?


Which country doesn’t border Nigeria?


What does Iwaju mean?


What colour are Tola’s dungarees?


Does Otin ever wear clothes?


What colour are Otin’s attacks?


What is Tole’s dad’s job?


What colour is Kole’s shirt?

Oh dear! Looks like this round wasn't quite the magical adventure you were hoping for, but don't worry! Why not give Iwaju another watch and we’re sure you'll be ready to shine! How about taking a little break, gathering your thoughts, maybe even a quick brain nap, and then giving it another whirl? Otin wouldn’t give up so let's make some magic happen!

Not too shabby! You've definitely been keeping up with the fun, but hey, maybe it's time to sharpen those quiz skills a bit more? Why not give it another try and see if you can level up your game? We believe in you! Otin doesn’t give up, we’re all in it together so let’s see where we can go!

Hooray! You're a quiz champion in the making and just like Tola and Kole you know that with knowledge comes success! You know almost everything that tehre is to know about Iwaju and it shows! But hey, can you aim for that legendary score? How about one more adventure to the mainland and put your skills to the ultimate test?

Unbelievable! You've absolutely rocked this quiz! There aren't many people out there who could boast such an amazing knowledge of Iwaju!! Soak up the glory of your well-deserved victory! But what’s next, you nailed this quiz and shown you know everything about this show - so where do we go from here? Another quiz? A nap? A walk outside?! You decide!