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January Quiz To Start The Year Off

This quiz is the best of the year... so far! Click here to test your knowledge of the first month of the year!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 9th 2024

Start your year off right - with a quick 10 question quiz about the first month in the calendar! It's time to swot up on some of the biggest January traditions and facts with this epic trivia quiz! Think you can pass the test? Let's find out!


January 1st is also called... what?

2/10 A wet frog

In the UK, January is... what?

3/10 Delicious haggis

Burns Night is in January. Who was Robbie Burns?

4/10 A Iftar meal taken during Ramadan

What do you eat on Burns night?

5/10 A Roman goddess associated with Halloween

January is named after the God Janus. Whose God was Janus?


Which of these things often happens in January?


Chinese New Year sometimes starts in January, and sometimes starts in another month. Which month?

8/10 An owl and a raccoon on the moon

The full moon in January is named after an animal. What is it?

9/10 A healthy selection of vegetables

People often decide to be healthier in January. What are these promises called?

10/10 A cheeky kazoo

National Kazoo Day is in January. True or false?

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Nice! This is a pretty good score! Good work! You didn't manage a high score but you do clearly know a lot about January. Want to try and up your score? Have another go and see if you can spot where you went wrong!

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