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15 Jürgen Klopp Facts For Liverpool Fans

He's one of the world's greatest managers and has led Liverpool to footy glory! But how much do you really know Jurgen Klopp? Check out these facts to find out!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  April 18th 2024

As well as having one of the best names of anyone in football, Jurgen Klopp is one of the most succesful managers of this generation. He has invented new styles, earned the respect of fans and players, and most importantly - won lots of matches! Whether you like him for his quick wit and funny replies, his over the top goal celebrations, or his abolity to fill up trophy cabinets - Jurgen Klopp is a coach you need to know about! So read on and we'll fill you in!

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1. Kid Klopp

Jurgen Norbert Klopp was born on June 16, 1967, on the mean streets of Stuttgart, Germany. He was a sports fan from an early age, kicking balls around the streets of his neighborhood and excelling at both football and handball (yes, handball). We're glad he picked football out of the two!

2. He was a great player

Liverpool FC | Youtube

Like most coaches, Jurgen was a great player before he started his coaching career. Klopp played as a striker for several German clubs, including Mainz 05 and Eintracht Frankfurt. He retired as a player in 2001 - which is when his career really started!

3. A Manager is born

Liverpool FC | Youtube

It was at his old cloub of Mainz 05 that Klopp got his first coaching job. In a short space of time he brought the team from the second division to the Bundesliga, and established himself as a serious name to watch. It was the first time Mainz 05 had got that far in their entire history!

4. What is "Gegenpressing"?

Gegenpressing isn't a type of potato salad, it's a style of play that Klopp has made into his trademark! Gegenpressing is when a team launches a constant, high-energy, all-out attack to get the ball. It give the other team no chance to win the ball back!

5. Klopp's next stop

After making a name for himself at Mainz 05 and ironing out his gegenpressing style, Klopp got his big break at German club Borussia Dortmund. It was here that he got serious praise and turned the club into one of the biggies of German football. Under Klopp, Borussa Dortmund won two Bundesliga titles and reached the UEFA Champions League Final! Clearly, what he was doing was working!

6. Jurgen in Liverpool

Liverpool Football Club

His German career was only ever going to lead him to one place - Anfield! Klopp joined the club in 2015, and he got straight to work overhauling the club. He worked on tactics, training - and especially stamia to get the players ready for his gegenpressing technique. And as we know, it worked!

7. Champions of the Champions League

A trophy being held aloft

Jurgen's hard work did not go to waste, and after only 4 years he managed to secure Liverpool a win at the UEFA Champions League final! It wasn't just the biggest win in European football that year - it proved that Klopp's unique style worked, and made him famous the world over!

8. He's broken records!

After his ground-breaking Champions League win, Klopp led Liverpool to success after success. They won the FIFA Club World Cup, the Carabao Cup, the FA Cup and the Community Shield cup in quick succession! It was a wild couple of years or Klopp's Liverpool! But one big win is definitely worth mentioning...

9. The Premier League 2019/20!

This contest will be remembered for a few reasons - one because it was held duing the pandemic so maybe had the worst atmosphere of any football tournament. But also, because Jurgen managed to end Liverpool's 30 year dry spell and won the Premier Leage in a historic battle against Man City!

10. He's popular with the fans

Liverpool FC | Youtube

This more of less brings us up to today, but something that's just as important as the big wins is how Klopp has got on with the fans. Klopp's entusiasm, wit, sense of humour and respect for the players have made him a much-loved manager. Which can't be said of every team!

11. His goal celebrations are a fan favourite too!

Liverpool FC | Youtube

Jurgen is a charismatic guy who lives and breathes football. So it's understandable that he gets pretty excited when his team score! His goal celebrations are legendary, and his shouting and jumping only make him more popular with the team and the fans! The pic above shows his seconds after he broke his glasses by running into a big group of Liverpool players!

12. Coach of the year

Klopp has had his skills and passion for coaching recognised at the highest level, and was awarded the FIFA coach of the year award in 2019! It celebrated his coaching skill and the successes that he led Liverpool to. Football will never be the same again!

13. He's a fan of the women's game

Jurgen has been outspoken as a supporter of the increase in popularity of the women's game. For Klopp it's not just about levelling the playing field, the women's game is how to keep football fresh and relevant in the 20th century. Business as usual just can't go on - football is for everyone now!

14. He loves Liverpool

Liverpool Football Club

Klopp has been at Liverpool so long he has come to love the city and thinks of it as his home. He's totally at home with the culture of the city, and has a huge respect for it's history. The feeling seems to be mutual, Jurgen!

15. Rock and Roll Klopper

Liverpool FC | Youtube

Jurgen is a big fan of rock music, and is friends with several pretty big musicians. The German rock band Die Toten Hosen even sang him happy birthday on stage in front of thousands of people! It's also pretty fitting that Klopp's gegenpressing style is sometimes called "heavy metal football" too! Maybe that's where Jurgen gets his energy from!