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Marvellous Month Of May Quiz

Are you the expert of May? May-be!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 17th 2024

As the bumblebees begin to wake up and buds start to bloom, why not kick off the month by testing what you THINK you know about May!? Challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to reign supreme as the Master of the Month! You can do it, so let’s get stuck on in!


What month comes before May?


What does “Mayday! Mayday!” mean?


What do you do with a Maypole?


In May 1931, which tall spiky building in New York opened?


What was the Roman word for the month of May?

6/10 Star Wars character quiz

Which day in May is special for Star Wars fans?


Catherine the Great was born on the 2nd of May 1729 - which country did she rule?


Catherine the Great shares a birthday with Dwayne Johnson, but what is his stage name?


In May 1926 workers in Britain stopped work in protest, but why?


What is May’s birthstone?

Whoops! Looks like you didn't do very well on this quiz - but don't worry! You can always give it another go or even hold firm and wait until next year to try again. That's the fun thing about months, they keep coming back around, better luck next year!

Awesome! You really know a lot about the Month of May and it shows! But guess what? There's always more to learn and scores higher up the leaderboard to smash! Why not give it another shot and see if you can get an even higher score? You might discover some cool new facts along the way! Good luck!

Wowee! You're a real expert now! There’s not much you don't know about the month of May! You got so many answers right you could nearly call yourself the Master of May! But hey, if you're feeling super brave, or you just love getting 100% on quizzes - why not try for a perfect score? Give it another try and see if you can get them all right this time!

Boom! You did it! You got every single answer correct - way to go! There’s really nothing worth knowing that you don’t already have in your brain! Take a moment to celebrate, stretch your leg, then maybe check out some of our other quizzes. Can you call yourself the true calendar champ?!