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Full Throttle Microsoft Flight Simulator Quiz!

Flight Simulator is one of the best games ever made - but how well do you know it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 29th 2024

It’s accurate, it has cool planes, AND you can fly them - what better game could there be? Flight Simulator takes all the fun of flying, but doesn’t burn loads of horrible fossil fuels, so it’s a win win really. So if you’ve ever felt the desire to jump in a plane and do loops around Mount Everest, then this is the game for you! But are you an expert?


What instrument controls power?


As you come into land, what should be lowered?


When was the first Flight Simulator released?


What is the flap on the tail called?


What instrument tells you your height?


What instrument shows us how fast we’re going?


What is the oldest plan you can fly in the game?


What is it called when you lift the nose up as you land?


What is the name of Los Angeles’ main airport?


What happens if you crash?

Oops! It looks like your flying adventures didn't go exactly as planned and you’ve barely made it off the runway! But don't worry, there's way more to the world than flying simulators. There are these amazing things called trains, and you can walk around on them too!

Alright, now we're starting to figure it out! You're getting the hang of flying and exploring in the game. Your knowledge is pretty good to be fair, but there is still some way to go! There's also still lots more to discover from your flights around the world. Maybe try flying different planes or visiting new places in the game to see if you can score higher the next time around?!

Wow, that's awesome! You're really almost a true flying ace!! Great job! But if you want to be a real pro, why not try some trickier challenges or learn about how real pilots fly? Have you tried using the controls only? Things can get really spicy when you only use the onboard instruments, so give it a go, and don’t forget your parachute!

Amazing! There’s nothing you don’t know! You've mastered flight simulator like a real pro! Way to go! Take a moment to celebrate your success, and when you're ready, why not try creating your own flying adventures or challenging your friends to see who's the best pilot? Maybe you could consider becoming an actual pilot? You’ve clearly got the skills for it!