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Roblox: Gym Simulator Quiz

Roblox Gym Simulator is a whole new world - but how well do you know it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 4th 2024

So you’re back from the gym and you’ve not quite had enough?! Well then it’s obvious that the thing to do is power up in the Roblox Gym Simulator! So let’s find out how well you know this game mode and put your knowledge to the test! What are you waiting for, let’s get stacked!

1/10 A smiling snail

What do you start off as in the game?

2/10 Two gymnasts in training

What happens in a brawl?

3/10 A football trophy being lifted

How much strength do you need to do press-ups?

4/10 A person counting with a swirly purple background

Does your head grow too?

5/10 A rowing team

What equipment increases your speed?

6/10 A hand pointing to the map of the UK

Where can you go after the beach?

7/10 A hand pointing at a rubber snake in a cardboard box

What does a particle crate do?

8/10 A person with a dog's head doing the shot putt

What do you throw as a power?

9/10 A football fan holding a colour chart

What colour is the safe zone in the game?

10/10 A person with a pug's head running with a 80s retro background

What do deadlifts upgrade?

Result: Oh dear

Oh no, it seems like you might have missed a few reps at the gym sim and you’re still as much of a stick as when you started! Maybe you were lifting weights with your eyes closed or doing push-ups with your feet in the air? Or perhaps you're new to the gym scene - no worries! Why not have another go at this quiz and see if you can score better?

Result: Not bad

Alright, you're making progress now! It's clear you've been hitting the gym at least a little bit, hopefully in the real world as well as in Roblox! But there's still plenty of room for improvement before you become a gym expert and the size of some of those Roblox beefcakes!! So why not try this quiz one last time and see if you can score higher and make your way onto the treadmill at least!

Result: High Score

Nice work! You're really shaping up at the gym! You've got a good handle on the equipment and routines, which is impressive and it looks like your commitment to the gym is paying off! Not everyone makes it this far, so give yourself a pat on the back! Do you think that you’ve got it in you to become the hulking monsters of the gym? It’s time to find out, so why not have another try at this quiz and see if you can ace it?

Result: Full Marks

Boom! You've absolutely crushed it at the gym! Your workout game is on point and you’re as big as you can possibly be in the game! There's literally nothing about fitness and exercise that you don't know! But now that you've conquered this challenge, what's next? Where do you go from here? Well, why not have a look at some of the other quizzes and facts we’ve got on the site and see if you can beat them too?