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This Stardew Valley Quiz Is A-maize-ing!

Find out how much you know about everyone's favourite farm with this udderly ridiculous gaming quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 28th 2022

It's been described as one of the greatest games of all time! And it doesn't matter what you like doing in Stardew Valley - farming, fishing, exploring, cooking - the options are basically endless! So take this farm-tastic gaming quiz and find out how much you REALLY know about this quacking game. There are some questions here only Stardew mega-fans will know the answers to - so don't take anything for grunted! Geddit?!

Ok, that's enough farm puns (for now). Let's do this quiz!


Stardew Valley was made by someone called Eric Barone. What's his nickname?

2/10 Bacon jokes

In the game, who originally owned the farm?


Which of these can you NOT grow on the farm?

4/10 A dinosaur-like creature on a beach

Pepper Rex is a... what?


What do pigs find if they're let outdoors?

6/10 Moon Jokes

What happens if you're still awake at 2am?


What kind of soup is described as fresh and hearty?

Stardew Valley | Concerned Ape | Chucklefish Games

Which of these is NOT a real villager?


What sport do the Zuzu City Tunnellers play?


What hat do you get for earning 10,000,000g?

Oh dear! Have you played Stardew Valley before? You'd better have another few goes and try this quiz again! Or if you don't fancy it, just try a different gaming quiz! We have plenty to choose from! And better luck next tme!

Hmmm. Pretty good... but you can do better! Have another few goes on Stardew Valley (you know, for revision) and try this quiz again! Or see if you can get a higher score on a different gaming quiz! We've got loads more!

Great job! This score is better than nice! It's almost full marks! You know loads about this game. You didn't quite get a full 10/10, but never mind. If you want to fix where you went wrong, have another go - if not, let's just try a different gaming quiz! Anyway, well done!

Amazing! You're a Stardew Valley veteran! You know loads about this epic farming game... it must be one of your favourites, right? Your score can't be improved on, but if you'd like to bag another 10/10, just try a different gaming quiz!

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