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Take A Look Inside: The Day The Teachers Disappeared!

Every story needs a hero – and this time it's YOU! Here's everything you need to know about the new Beano pick-your-own adventure Boomic, The Day The Teachers Disappeared!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 4th 2024

Are you ready for another fun-packed Beano Boomic? It's your chance to be the star of the story!

Imagine it's your first day at Bash Street School (don't think about facing the school dinners just yet). You can't wait to become a 100% awesome Bash Street Kid, but something weird has happened...

All the teachers have disappeared. Gone. Vanished. Nowhere to be seen!

The battle is on to answer one question – who rules the school? Walter thinks he should be in charge, but Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie, Jem, Rubi and Dangerous Dan think that would be barf-tacular!

In this awesome choose-your-own-adventure Boomic – written by Craig Graham and Mike Stirling, with illustrations by Vivian Truong – you need to use your Bash Street skills to make good choices and decide how this epic story turns out!

Remember – YOU are the hero!

The Day The Teachers Disappeared is out now via Farshore through all good booksellers!