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Ultimate Fall Guys Minigame Quiz!

Have you mastered all the Fall Guys minigames? You'll need to know your Pegwins from your Slime Slides to get full marks on this epic gaming quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 12th 2022

Are you a fan of the Fall Guys? Of course you are! But whatever you think of these fearless jellybeans we can all agree that there's A LOT to these amazing minigames. Whether you like racing, survival rounds, hunts or team challenges, there's a Dapper Walrus or a Pineapple Party out there for you!

Answer these questions and we'll see how your Fall Guys skills stack up! Ready to have a go?

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Which of these is NOT a real type of round?

2/10 A space shuttle going into space

What theme was the 2nd season?

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How do you win Survival rounds?

Fall Guys | Mediatonic

What are these things?

Fall Guys | Mediatonic

What round is this?

Fall Guys | Mediatonic

And what's this one? Click to reveal!

Fall Guys | Mediatonic

Who defends Candy?

Fall Guys | Mediatonic

What do you have to do in Sum Fruit?

Fall Guys | Mediatonic

What game is this pic from?

Fall Guys | Mediatonic

What are these things?

Result: Yikes
Fall Guys | Mediatonic

Oh dang! Your Fall Guys trivia skills definitely need a bit of improvement! Fancy another go? Or if you'd rather pretend this never happened, we have plenty more gaming quizzes to try!

Result: Not bad
Fall Guys | Mediatonic

Pretty decent! You definitely know a thing or two about Fall Guys... either that or you got lucky! You can probably beat this score if you have another go. How about it? If not - try a different gaming quiz!

Result: Very nice
Fall Guys | Mediatonic

Wahoo! Nice work! You know loads about the Fall Guys and their minigames! You just missed out on full marks though - can you beat this score on a different gaming quiz?

Result: Great job
Fall Guys | Mediatonic

Amazing! You absolutely nailed this quiz! Full marks! Very impressive - you must know loads about Fall Guys! Now, can you get 100% on a different gaming quiz? Let's find out!

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