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Colonel Crackpot's Circus

Colonel Crackpot's Circus

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Roll up! Roll up!

Welcome to the circus of Colonel Crackpot, the ringleader, circus owner, and total skinflint, who would try any trick to avoid paying the circus's stars what they were worth - try and usually fail.

Circus2Amongst the circus acts regularly foiling the Colonel's miserly schemes, were Cynthia, the Fat Lady, who had a big heart to match her big appetite, and Charlie, the strongman - his full name, Charlie Globes, being a play on the name of real-life strongman and body-building expert, Charles Atlas - as well as numerous animal acts, rubber men, knife throwers, and clowns.

Circus4This single page strip marked the Beano debut of Mal Judge, who had already found sucess as a newspaper cartoon artist but had tried long and hard to break into the comics market - he'd begun submitting try out strips to The Beano as far back as the 1940s to little success... but that success would come after his debut with Crackpot and his circus company in 1960.

Circus5Among the strips Mal would originate between that debut and his death in 1989 were The Beano's own Ball Boy and Billy Whizz, as well as those crackpot criminals, The Badd Lads, and the original Numskulls in 'The Beezer' - a marvellous comic legacy.

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