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Contrary Mary

Contrary Mary

Fact File


Contrary Mary could be as stubborn as a mule when she wanted to get her own way, and for good reason... Mary was a mule. 'You Can't Play a Joke - On Mary the Moke' was the sub-heading to Mary's six panel strip in the very first Beano, and it was true. Mary was smarter than any mule - in fact she regularly proved she was no ass - because whatever the situation, there was always a point where the word 'IDEA' would light up over Mary's head and she would follow that idea through to get results.

Contrary Mary 1

Mary's artist, Roland Davies, had a lot of experience with four legged funnies, having drawn a newspaper comic strip about a carthorse, 'Come On, Steve!' prior to his Beano work. In fact, there was more horseplay from Davies in that first Beano, as 'Whoopee Hank, The Slap-Dash Sheriff' rode out in hot pursuit of a couple of crooks in his own full page strip.

Contrary Mary 3

Mary returned to the pages of The Beano when she became a member of Lord Snooty's gang in 1950.

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