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Have-a-Go Joe

Have-a-Go Joe

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Joe is a big, tough guy who, as his nickname suggests, will have a go at anything, especially if it's a spectacular display of derring-do. He'll tackle stunts, feats of endurance, acrobatics, and shows of strength, all to huge applause. It's only when he tries to take on everyday tasks that he comes a cropper.

Joe3In this six frame strip, Bill Holroyd drew episodes where Joe would wrestle with enormous sharks, only to be knocked flying by a fish on the end of a fishing rod, or showing his escapology skills by bursting out of iron chains, before ending up tangled up in a ball of wool when he tries to look after a playful kitten at home.

Joe4After the original strip ended in 1949, Joe had another go at Beano stardom in 1951, this time under the banner of 'The Beano Cinema'. The stories this time were in serial form, with Joe having a go at being a 'Secret Agent' and a 'Bodyguard'.

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