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Jack Flash

Jack Flash

Fact File


'Meet the boy with the Flying Feet!' was the heading on the first page of this new picture story drawn by Dudley D. Watkins. Subtitled 'The Flying Boy', Jack Flash was the boy with wings on his feet who arrived in the Cornish village of Colbay - and in the pages of The Beano - in February of 1949.

JF1Jack came from Mercury, his spaceship having touched down in the sea off Cornwall. He soon became a familiar sight in the skies above the village, frequently using his flying skills to carry out good deeds and to step in - or soar in - when danger threatened Colbay's inhabitants.

JF3The ever-busy Watkins handed over the art baton to Fred Sturrock partway through Jack's first series of adventures, and Sturrock returned as artist on the second series in 1950, which saw the visiting Mercurian having to keep a watchful eye on some children whose parents had been called away to tend to an ill relative.

JF4These child-minding duties might have been good practice before the third series of stories, where Jack's parents, Ma and Pa Flash, came down to earth with the flying boy's younger brother and sister, Jet and Jane, causing Jack all sorts of problems. This series of stories was titled 'Jack Flash and the Terrible Twins', and was drawn by Paddy Brennan.

JF5Further series saw Jack tackling jungle adventures after his spaceship crashlanded in Africa with a roupe of schoolkids onboard. Readers were also treated to Jacks efforts to help a struggling school football team win a valuable prize, and, in his last outing, drawn by Andy Hutton, the wing-footed wonder helps to recapture an escaped lion.

Jack Flash soared out of the Beano's pages in 1958, before returning for a new series of adventures in 'Nutty' in 1980. Between these two series, there was even a female version of the character in girls' comic, 'Mandy' in 1973. Her name - Jackie Flash!

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