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Pup Parade

Pup Parade

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Since their launch in 1954, the antics of The Bash Street Kids had rapidly become one of the most popular features of The Beano. And so, in 1967, readers clamouring for more from Class IIB were introduced to their best friends - their pet pooches.

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The Bash Street Pups were a close knit gang, just like their owners. And the similarities didn't end there. The leader of the pack was Bones, whose black and white fur featured similar 'death's head' skull and bone markings as the ones worn by his owner, Danny. Sniffy was a bone-head, just like his idiotic owner Smiffy, Pug had Plug's good looks (???), Manfred's oversized collar made him a dead-ringer for Wilfrid, Peeps and Wiggy were twin siblings, just like Toots and Sid, Spotty's dog Blotty was a chubby little dalmatian, Tubby liked his grub just as much as Fatty, and 'Enry was as short-sighted as 'Erbert.

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The action took place, not in a classroom, but in the streets and alleys around Bash Street. These stories frequently revolved around the pups' attempts to pinch food from the local butcher, their disputes with local alley cats, and their attempts to avoid the dog catcher. When all of this had worn them out, they could be found hanging around the up-turned bin which they called home.

From 1967 till 1988, Pup Parade appeared weekly, drawn by Gordon Bell. Since then, there have been occasional return visits in The Beano and in Bash Street Kids Summer Specials.

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    Pup Parade is back and its BRILLIANT!