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Beat the back to school blues with Beano!

Can You Create The Perfect Teacher?

Could you build the world's greatest teacher? Or just a hideous mutant? Take this monstrous quiz to find out!

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What's Your Smiggle Style?

What does your Smiggle stuff say about you? Answer these questions to find out!

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School Quizzes

Find the best and funniest school quizzes here! Test your knowledge of maths, science, biology and more with these epic school quiz questions and answers.

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School Survival Hacks!

Finding it hard to last until the end of the day? Don't fret, we've got the top tips to help you keep going all the way to hometime...

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Is Your Teacher a Superhero?

If you suspect your teacher might have some secret superpowers, you need to watch this video!

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The Bash Street Sketchbook Puzzle

Take a page out of this book, from the worst class in the world!

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