Funny Farts

We're experts in the field of funny flatulence! Nothing beats the noise of a fart, and we've got fart sounds, fart videos, a fart game and more. If you're a bottom burp beginner or a parp-master, pop in here for funny farts...

Fart Sound Machine!

Ever wanted to make fart sounds but can't get the gas going? Well, now you can with Beano's brilliant guff-tastic Fart-o-tron fart button soundboard!

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Is this the World's Funniest Fart?

What makes the funniest fart? Here at Beano, we really wanted find out, so we put it to the test!

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Whoopee Cushion Evolution Puzzle

Caution - may contain farts!

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A joke

What do you get when a king farts?