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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: January 29th 2024

Banish The Back To School Stress With Beano's Mood Machine

What’s your #mood today?

It’s easy to forget that it’s okay to feel mad, bad, or sad, but it’s also okay to ask for help! With a little bit of guidance from our mental health partner charity, YoungMinds x Beano are here!

It’s important to talk about mental health! Sometimes you can’t figure out what’s going on in your head until you put it into words, and shoot those words out of your mouth and into someone else’s ear-holes – like a friend, family member, or a random online machine that looks like it was cobbled together in the 1980’s.

So stop and think for a second, while the clicky-clacky-old-computery-sounds of the mood machine load up; How are YOU feeling?

Anxious and nervous? Down and sad? Do you need cheering up or would you like some space? Sit and think, and after a few seconds, the Mood Machine should spring to life (with a little help from you, that is!). Then just press down on the emoji button that you think represents how you feel.

There are 9 moods to choose from that this little gadget can tell you more about, represented by these handy little mood-mojis. Emotions are normal, but can be hard to understand! If you’re angry, you might need some space to clear your head, whereas if you’re anxious, you might need someone to talk to. If you’re feeling down or bad about yourself, is here to cheer you up and remind you that things aren’t so bad. Or if you’re feeling stressed out, we’ve got some suggestions on how to take a breather and sort things out.

If you’ve read our description and suggestions and thought “Ugh, hashtag MOOD” – then go ahead and press the yellow “#mood” button that’s just lit up in the middle of the screen, and getting taken to some online content that will help you understand where your head is at, or a randomly-selected activity designed to make you feel better.

Take care of your mental health, talk about your feelings, and remember that it’s okay to not be okay.