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Beano Comic
Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Comic Scene Creator

If you’re all done reading the pages of this week’s AWESOME Beano comic, it’s time to get stuck in to making a SCENE!

We’ve saved you time and energy by clipping out the best bits of Beano inside a digital space where YOU can create your own Beanotown story. Choose from your favourite characters, backgrounds, pranks and more; using these tools you can create a comic panel so funny that you’ll snort custard out your nose!

Start the game up, and check out all the assets in the six different categories. First, CHOOSE what item you want to place. Next, CHANGE its size or flip its direction. Then, ARRANGE where you want it to be within the scene.

Made a mistake? Drag an unwanted item over the to bin on the left side of the menu panel. Want to start from scratch? Tap the ‘reset’ button to begin with a blank canvas.

OUTLINES: Every comic artist worth their salt starts with an outline for their panel scene. We’ve given you three excellent starting points – comedy, surprise, and action – to get you to frame your setting for a different mood or theme.

BACKGROUNDS: Now, step foot on the battlefield of Beanotown fun – Bash Street School! Choose from three different Bash Street Backgrounds – the classroom, the hallway, or outside the school itself. What kind of chaos do you think happens on school grounds? (Because there’s not a lot of teaching going on, let me tell you!)

CHARACTERS: Let’s put a face to a name! Check out the ‘characters’ category and make a choice. Do you want Dennis to be the star? OR is this a strip about Walter getting in trouble with Creecher for a change? Don’t forget Pieface, Rubi, JJ, and even Gnasher? (How DOES a dog keep getting into the class 3C?) – Maybe you’ll put everyone in the class at once, to see what happens!

OBJECTS: There are 11 classic Beano bits and pieces to choose from, to scatter into your scene, or put into the hands of your heroes. Ammo at the ready – there are two tomato splats to choose from, an open egg with a powerful pong, and more water balloons than you could shake a hose at. We haven’t forgotten some classroom classics, like paper airplanes and chattering teeth, in case you want to go old-school. Lunchtime break is just around the corner too, make sure you grab an ice cream and a discount burger before you go!

SPEECH BALLOONS: Here are some superb suggestions for character catchphrases. Whether you’re making a funny food fight, a scientific cloning mishap, or just another boring day at Bash Street school, there are six speech balloons for you to choose from, to help YOU set the scene.

SOUNDS: What comic would be complete without some SOUND EFFECTS! Crash-bang-zoom your way into these six awesome Beano-isms, from a classic “splat” to a rude “burp”, with a “twang” and “splosh” in between, you can bring your panel to life with this final layer of extra expression.

Want to save and image of your game? Well, take a screenshot on your phone, or use the “PrtScr” button on your computer keyboard. We would love to see what you come up with