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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 7th 2023

Play Betty and the Yeti's Unicorn Game!

Betty and the Yeti’s new best friend is a magical unicorn! But looking after a unicorn isn’t easy – who’s going to clean up all her rainbow poops??

It’s your job to help look after the unicorn. Make sure your unicorn is clean and well-fed, and you will watch her sparkle and shine. But let her get hungry and stinky, and forget to clean up after her, and she’ll be pretty upset – it’s hard to glimmer bright on an empty stomach, let alone trying to feel glamorous next to an unflushed toilet!

Tap and drag you sponge to wash her, your brush to tidy up, and your hay to feed her. Keep an eye on her needs with the bars in the upper right corner, and pay attention to her body language to see what she needs the most. You can decorate your unicorn, to make her feel like the prettiest little pony (even though nobody knows how big unicorns really grow!)