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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: September 2nd 2020

Cake Designer

YOU could be the next Cake Designer! You’ve been put in charge of Beanotown’s Cake Cafe for the day – a brand new shop that makes custom cakes EXACTLY how your customers want them. Read the below guide to figure out all your cake baking options, or get stuck right into the mix!

You can’t bake a cake without a tasty base. Does your customer want strawberry flavour, chocolate, or vanilla? Don’t forget to figure out what shape of cake they want – classic and simple or tall and fancy? Choose from a simple circle, an adorable heart, a two tier, or even a three tier gateau!

There are eight choices for your filling, from fruity flavours to creamy treats. Can you tickle your patron’s sweet tooth with amazing apple, perfect pear, succulent strawberry, classic coconut, or brilliant blueberry? OR can you satisfy their craving for chocolate cream, classic coffee, or just a vanilla favourite? Pay close attention and try to match the colour, or else your customers won’t be happy.

Next, on to the icing. Will your cake mix or match those flavours? Choose from the same fruity options as before, or make it interesting by choosing something different. Does your customer want something classic, like a vanilla and strawberry or chocolate and coconut? OR are they trying something new, with a pear and blueberry cream, or a coffee and apple cake? Don’t forget to put a mirror glaze on top – of ALL your layers!

Next, a candy confetti coating – make it look AMAZING by choosing between chocolate and strawberry swirls, mini cinanmon rolls, or even fruit flavoured micro meringues. Finally, a crazy candied crown – will your customer pick biscuits, cherries, baked goods, or a fruity surprise?

Flour up your hands and get your piping bag at the ready, because MAKING cakes is NOT as easy as EATING them.