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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 1st 2021

It's a hit!


Get ready to launch into a sweet surprise with this arcade puzzle game. Throw candy canes at your sweet treat targets to make some perfect desserts ready for the Christmas dinner table. 

You’ve got to spin it to win it as you time your shots. Remember how long it takes for a candy can to travel in the air before hitting its mark. DON’T let two candy canes crash into each other, or else it’s game over for you! DO try to hit extra goodies for bonus points (like apples!) that contribute to an even sweeter score.

How may levels did you successfully complete?

1 – Brussels SPOUT – I don’t know what direction you were shooting off in, but it definitely wasn’t the right one 

2 – MISSletoe – Festive, but ultimately not on target. Better luck next time?

3 – WRAP star – you weren’t the fastest, but you were pretty fantastic. I’d call it a wrap there, unless you think you can do better?

4+ – SANTA-cular! You did better than the big man himself, Ho-ho-homing in on the target every time. Nicely done!