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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Catch a falling ghost and put it in your pumpkin…

It’s time for a Halloween favourite – Catch the Ghost but not the Toast!!

…What, you’ve never heard of Catch the Ghost? But not the Toast? Seriously? A little game of CTG but NTT? Very strange…

Well, it’s a simple game to play, and an instant classic (trust me!)

Move your pumpkin left and right along the bottom of the screen. You can use the arrow buttons, or the LEFT and RIGHT arrows on your keyboard. Your goal is to catch as many of the falling ghosts as possible – each ghost you catch is worth 1 point. BUT don’t miss to many of them – if you let 3 ghosts pass you by, then it’s game over!

To make matters worse, one ghost in this graveyard is grumpy that you’re hearing, disturbing the peace when you should be out trick-or-treating with your friends; this former baker wants you to loaf him alone, and will throw demonic toast at you until you shout “oh crumbs” and leave! DO NOT under any circumstances, catch and eat his delicious ghost toast, or it’ll be game over! Oh, and the toast will explode when it touches the ground – we did warn you not to eat it.

How many ghosts were you able to catch?

0 – 6 ; YIKES! That’s a scarily low score, isn’t it? You might have got the name backwards – it’s not called catch the toast.

7 – 13 ; You’ve got some team spirit! Not a bad effort, for a first-time ghost-catcher. Well done!

14 – 20 ; Ghost with the most! You’ve got more ghosts than you could shake a proton pack at!

21 – 27 ; Scary good! You’re getting the hang of this, with ghost-filled pumpkins and toast in the bin.

28+ Ghost with the most! Amazingly good score, that’s enough ghosts to take into school and give one to each kid in your class!

Once you’re done with the game, why not try finding some local ghosts and putting them inside of a cartoon pumpkin, while your friends throw toast at you – just like the good old days.