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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: August 2nd 2022

You’ll have a lorry, lorry fun playing Colour Fall!

If you’ve ever been on a road trip anywhere in the world, you’ll quickly notice the amount of vans, lorries and trucks trundling up and down the motorways carrying all sorts of cargo. What we often forget is that someone has to load the vehicles with different things, from small boxes to the kind of stuff you’d need heavy machinery to lift. Colour Fall, which is free to play above, captures the excitement of the world of transporting goods.

While we’re unsure of the accuracy of this fun game – do companies really just drop blobs of colour into the back of a lorry? –  Colour Fall will test your powers of logic and puzzle solving. To play, you need to remove the pin to release the coloured blobs into the matching coloured trucks. If you get them mixed up, you’ll lose the round and have to start again. The game will get trickier as you progress through the levels and dark blobs will be introduced as part of the puzzle – you’re not allowed to let these fall into your vehicles. Beware: some colours will destroy others.

Good luck!