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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 1st 2021

Connect the numbers by tapping where they intersect!

Check out this addicting mathematical matching game!

With a whole range of numbers and symbols waiting on the grid, it’s YOUR job to match them up! To do this, you have to select the square that acts as a ‘corner’ for two matching symbols, and keep matching and tapping until the board is clear, making the squares stop.

To get good at matching, find two symbols that are identical. You need to figure out ONE square that could be used to draw a straight line to both of those symbols, as if that square were the CORNER between the two symbols.

Sometime there will be another symbol in the way of that square that you need! Uh-oh – that means it’s blocked off for now, and you have to use your number-hunting abilities to find a different square, or a different set of matching symbols.

Symbols have a shape and a colour – make sure that they’re both the same, as tapping an incorrect square will trigger a penalty (and spawn even MORE symbols!). Every level has new symbols (and sometimes new colours!) to mix things up. Levels might contain single-digit numbers, double-digit numbers, equation symbols, algebraic letters, or a big old mix of all categories combined.

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to do any maths equations (but don’t tell teacher!), just keep tapping and matching up the squares to see how many levels YOU can make it through!

If you can score over 500, we would be pretty impressed – consider yourself an honorary guest of the realm of mathematics.

If you can score over 800, you would be welcomed into the COURT OF CORNERS, the highest court of the kingdom,

If you can score over 1150, you would be made A ROYAL COUNT, for your innumerable knowledge and wisdom!

If you can beat our BEANO boffin’s high score of 1300 – then you are truly the RULER of the KINGDOM OF CORNERS!