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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: July 19th 2021

Your 'Do Looks Re-dad-uluous! Dadical!

Happy Fathers Day to the wackiest hairiest relatives around – dads! Click and drag around the little scribbles of hair to decorate your fave Beanotown dad in a bunch of fashionable, retro, and downright silly styles.

Beanotown is no exception to celebrating Father’s Day – in fact, after commiserating about having the worst-behaved children in town, every dad has received a free haircut from the local barber. But because it’s Beanotown, of course, everyone’s hair has been buzzed completely, and it’s all gone pear-shaped (or rather, pear-SHAVEd!).

If you wouldn’t mind, could you help rearrange some of the clumps of hair that have been swept up, and plop them back on the heads of these six dads? You could just leave the dads bald and shiny, too, but I don’t think there’s enough suncream in Beanotown to cover up that shine.

Which dad’s hairdo do you want to redo? Dennis’s dad Dennis Menace Senior, Minx’s dad Darren Makepeace, Roger’s father Les Dawson, Mayor Wilbur Brown, or Mr Hari Chandra who runs the jokeshop with his kids? You might not recognise the older gentleman Mister Menace – go ask your dad about him!

Want some top styling tips? Click the buttons for each dad to see a sampling of what their stylish mop top could look like. Go for a simple look like a bowl cup and beard, a mohawk and a moustache, or something with spunk like spikes and sideburns. Create a retro throw-back with a mullet and some muttons chops, or let your fluff flow freely with a funky fringe. There’s plenty of hair to go around – you could make fluffy horns or hats, goggles or glasses, or maybe add in some excellent eyebrows.

Make sure to tell your nearest dad about Dad Hair Day – and with them a happy Father’s Day while you’re at it!