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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: March 10th 2022

Dennis: Happy Prankiversary

Happy Birthday to the Prank King of Beanotown, Dennis!

Of course, he’s gotten himself into trouble and has found himself grounded to his room on his special day. That means he needs YOUR help, to not only escape his house, but prank his friends (and enemies) in celebration.

1. Select a prank from the toolbox at the bottom of the screen

2. Choose where to place your prank – use prankster logic! (What’s a better prank for a chair – a whoopee cushion or a banana peel?)

3. Avoid getting caught! Whether it’s mum, a friend, or even an enemy, you don’t want to get caught – or else you’ll have to start all over again.

4. Pull all your pranks to advance to the next level. There are five houses on Dennis’s check list – with more opportunities to pull pranks each time.

Want some top tips from the Pranking King? Dennis says:

Whoopee cushions are a class that you can’t go wrong with. Pop them down and parp on them!

Banana peels are always slipperiest when underfoot – I’ve marked out some ideal targets for where to pop these potassium peels!

With a trusty green marker that writes on pretty much ANYTHING, there’s nothing like a well-placed curly moustache (or some alien tentacles – I’ve always said grown-ups act like they’re from another planet, especially Wilbur Brown!)

Want to see a COOL trick? You can get someone to participate in the ice bucket challenge by balancing a bucket at the top of a door frame. The door will open (and so will the floodgates!)

A big old spider will scare just about anybody! But the biggest and best scares come from a well-timed drop, like seeing it fall off a door two inches from Walter’s face!

Happy Birthday pranking, from the Prank King!